Inspections Of Apartment Buildings

apartment building inspectorsIf you are purchasing or own an apartment building or multi-family housing, then you understand the importance of thorough inspections, but also of being conscious of tenants.

The tenants make up your clientele base when you own a building, or when you are purchasing one. If they become upset during the inspection process, then you may lose some of your “clients”. This is especially true when purchasing an apartment building.

Let’s say you are purchasing a smaller apartment building with 10 units. There are relatively good tenants there and you would like to keep them. The inspections often comprise their first impression of you as their new landlord. If the inspectors are not careful and courteous, it leaves a bad taste in their mouth. So if two tenants decide they don’t like how you operate during the inspections and leave, that is not only 20% loss in revenue, but overhead as well in finding new tenants – all not good when taking over a new building.

We work hard to give your tenants the best first impression possible, all the while giving you a top quality commercial inspection. So contact us today!

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