Asbestos in Commercial Buildings

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When should you address asbestos in your commercial building? In general, if any asbestos material looks good, it is usually best to leave it alone. If there is a problem though, there are two kinds of corrections that can be done:

Repair – This tends to involve wrapping or sealing the asbestos material.
Removal – This involves treatment of the material using a sealant that coats or binds the material, so fibers won’t be released. It’s not uncommon for boiler, furnace and pipe insulation to be repaired in this manner, but should only be done by a professional who’s been trained to handle asbestos. Covering the asbestos means placing something around the material to ensure the fibers don’t get released into the air. A protective jacket needs to cover any exposed insulated piping.

When it comes to asbestos repairs, the repair method tends to be much cheaper. However, if removal is necessary, the cost is much higher because of the increased difficulty. Again, repairs to the asbestos material can be big or small. And, whether the repairs are big or small, professionally-trained asbestos firms need to address the problem. After all, you don’t need to expose yourself or your building’s occupants to its fibers.

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