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If we get anything here in Colorado – it’s snow. If you ski, then you are thrilled to see it. But sometimes it can be a challenge – especially for commercial building owners. For building owners, snow represents a challenge. It represents work, and also a liability. What are some […]

Snow and Your Building

Are you purchasing a warehouse? Then getting a professional inspection of the property is critical. We are Denver’s premier commercial building inspectors, and warehouses are one of the inspection types that we specialize in. So contact us, and see why we are the best home inspector for you warehouse inspection. […]

Warehouse Inspections

On of the many types of commercial building inspections that we perform here in Denver is on Hotels. Hotel inspections are very important, whether you are purchasing a hotel, or already own one. A proper inspection tells you a lot about your building that could affect your business for years […]

Hotel Inspections in Denver

Cattle farms, vegetable farms, commercial crop farms. Whatever type of farm you are purchasing, having the right inspector is important. You need an inspector who knows his way around a commercial production, and one who can spot the issues that matter to you. Why is getting an inspection of a […]

Inspecting Working Farms

Egress is an important safety item to pay close attention to on any commercial building. Having proper egress can mean the lives of your property’s occupants. Egress starts with simple logic – if people can’t get out in a fire or another emergency situation, then that is dangerous. Another aspect […]

Egress On Commerical Buildings