Infrared Roof Inspections

If you are a new inspector reading this blog, or are a possible client looking for information on infrared roof inspections, then there is some information you should know. Inspecting a commercial roof is not a small task, and there is no margin for error. So here are a few tips from an experienced commercial building inspector:

Inspection Tips – Before completing the thermal imaging, it can be useful to do a visual inspection so the correct processes can be followed. Immediately, you should see safety hazards, access points, and the various heat sources that could pose a problem. If you can get into the attic, this will allow you to see underneath the roof and any problem areas that might show.

Furthermore, all inspectors should know the composition and design of the roof along with the insulation. Once you know this, you can decide how the data can be collected best. Additionally, you might ask the owner whether there have been any problems in the past. With this, you can spend some time assessing potential weak points and whether moisture has worked its way inside again. In truth, all houses will be different and they often require a unique approach for the best results.

When starting, the camera should be in a position to see large sections of the roof at a time. In terms of angles, it is suggested at least 20 degrees from the surface of the roof. If any wet spots are seen, the camera can then get a closer look for further assessment. If a problem area is detected, the moisture meter will show just how much damage has occurred. If necessary, they can then be documented with photographs in the inspection report. For when the repairs begin, some inspectors will also mark the area with chalk in case a different professional returns in the future.

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