Egress On Commerical Buildings

Egress is an important safety item to pay close attention to on any commercial building. Having proper egress can mean the lives of your property’s occupants.

Egress starts with simple logic – if people can’t get out in a fire or another emergency situation, then that is dangerous.

Another aspect to consider is people being able to get into a building safely. For instance, rescue workers will likely need to get into a building, such as fire rescue, paramedics, police, and any one else there for emergency services. If they can’t get in with full gear on – then it is not proper egress.

In the picture above we see a good example of proper egress. Exterior fire escapes are great ways to make sure your building is up to acceptable standards.

In addition to this, be sure to have back-lit exit signs, working emergency lights, and emergency push-bars on the doors.

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