Snow and Your Building

If we get anything here in Colorado – it’s snow. If you ski, then you are thrilled to see it. But sometimes it can be a challenge – especially for commercial building owners.

For building owners, snow represents a challenge. It represents work, and also a liability. What are some things you can do to lessen issues with snow removal? Here are a couple of points:

  1. Think about hiring out the snow removal. Some owners like to do it themselves. Or maybe you have a maintenance team that you have on staff that does it. But outside contractors can sometimes be quicker about getting the snow removed. It also offers a layer of protection at times when their insurance covers incidents if they neglect something.
  2. Don’t forget emergency exits. Too many times we see the main and side entrances cleared out, but not the emergency exits. If there were an emergency, then there would be a serious issue. Be sure to clear out the emergency exits too.
  3. Don’t forget the icicles. These things can be dangerous. Especially if you have a busy building can this be an issue. Be sure to keep them under control.

By following those 3 points, you can be better equipped to handle the snow this winter.

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