How Much Does a Commercial Building Inspection Cost

How Much Does a commercial building Inspection Cost in? That is a great question, but one that has a very different answer depending on the building inspector. Commercial inspectors have different levels of ability, qualifications, and yes… pricing. But the cost is often the first thing that a client asks when they call. How much does an inspection cost? The answer is in this example:

Imagine that you call three commercial building inspectors and you get a price range between $150-$1,500. So you choose the cheapest one since it seems like a good deal at the time. Now if that inspector misses a $2,000 defect that $150 inspection now cost a lot more than even the most expensive quote you received.

So in short, the price should always be a question that you ask (and even the most expensive commercial inspector may not be the best) but maybe keep the cost as a secondary question to your potential inspector’s qualifications and experience.

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