About Us

commercial building inspectionsDavid Hays, our primary commercial property inspector has an extensive commercial building background including:

  • CERTIFIED MASTER INSPECTORCertified Master Inspectors (CMIs)® are the considered the best inspectors in the world and very few inspectors ever qualify to carry this designation.
  • A full member of NACBI
  • A graduate of the American Inspectors Training Institute :  Masters Course.
  • Certified with InterNACHI / InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors # 10020310. InterNACHI has an extensive list of education requirements. See their list here and here.
  • Certified with IAC2 / Indoor Air Consultants. Certification # IAC2-01-8786
  • David started his electrical career in 1978 as an apprentice electrician working in a wide variety of buildings. He rapidly moved up earning his Residential, Journeymen’s and eventually attaining his Master Electrical license. BEcuase of his extensive technical and building knowledge, David eventually became a highly qualified Project Manager and Estimator. As an electrician it is necessary to be knowledgeable of not only his own trade but also of other trades and how the entire structure is put together.
  • Working with other trades, Engineers, Architects, Owners, Owners reps,General Contractors, Vendors and Code Inspectors has provided a lifelong learning experience that David uses to provide the absolute highest quality of inspection to our clients.

Why Choose Us As An NACBI Certified Commercial Building Inspector

hotel inspectionsA commercial building inspector bears a weighty responsibility, as any property purchase is a large investment – both of money and time. We provide the best inspection we possibly can each and every time. We bring the the best experience to each inspection, experience that is hard to find anywhere else. The National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers™ is the premier commercial building association providing opportunities in commercial building training and resources for Building Inspectors & Thermal Imaging Professionals across North America. NACBI is very dedicated, unique and lays a vital role in assisting commercial building inspectors to achieve the highest level of skill and professionalism/ Membership means access to NACBI’s networking community of internationally recognized successful commercial building inspectors and thermographers. As a NACBI member, I am among the ranks of some of the most experienced, skilled, and professional commercial building  inspectors in North America – and helping to make NACBI even stronger.

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